NXTInspekt RESTful API Documentation


The NXTIspekt API gives you the ability to pull appointment, Realtor and inspector data from our users' account. You must be a registered Integrator in order to access the API via your Integration ID. All calls to the API must be accompanied with a valid user login. Basic calls exist to pull data from all upcoming appointments, pull data on a specified appointment, pull data on a specified Realtor, pull data on a specified inspector, as well as calls to pull potential options for certain fields.

API Endpoint


Integration ID

You may obtain an Integration ID by Registering Here. Please let us know that you would like to integrate and provide us with details about your company.

Inspector Username/Password

These are the credentials used to log into the website. During testing you may utilize the test credentials we provided you in your welcome email or feel free to create an account at setinspect.com.

Action : GET
Description: Obtains the upcoming appointments for the passed user. To obtain complete information on each appointment see the /appointment call.

ParameterValueDescriptionData Type
integrationIDIntegration IDString
inspectorUsernameInspector UsernameString
inspectorPasswordInspector PasswordString
allInspectorsBy default only apppointments assigned to the inspector passed are returned. Set this parameter to true if you would like appointments for all inspectors returned. The passed inspector must be an admin or account owner to get all inspector appointmentsString

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